A sale&assembly contract can be drawn up at our head office or in a place agreed by both parties. The contract is considered as binding after its signing and having paid in advance 40% of the product’s price. It determines the completion date of the order. The Buyer receives from us 4 original copies of the architectural design. The contract guarantees that the Buyer will receive the ordered house components in the given calendar year for the price determined in the contract. The completion time of the order varies from 8 to 10 weeks. The Buyer collects the purchased house components at our production plant. The Producer covers the loading costs and the Buyer bears the transport expenses.


  1. Outer walls with openings for typical catalogue windows and inner load-bearing walls of the ground floor.
  2. The complete roof framing along with assembly fasteners by SIMPSON STRONG-TIE®; roof boarding, gables, balcony and porch elements (floor, balusters, railings)
  3. Ground floor and subfloor (ceiling of the ground floor)


(RAW OPEN STATE – i.e. without front door and windows)

Assembly time varies from 4 to 14 days depending on house type and weather conditions.

  1. Laying tar paper on foundations (tar paper and pitch supplied by the Buyer)
  2. Assembling of: outer and inner load-bearing walls of the ground floor; ceiling beams; roof framing (rafters, collar beams, posts); porch
  3. External roof boarding; laying tar paper on the roof (tar paper supplied by the Buyer)
  4. Laying subfloor (ceiling of the ground floor)
  5. Panelling one side of outer walls of the upper story and eaves; assembling of balcony railings
  6. One-time impregnating of outer walls with a colourless wood preservative (supplied by the Buyer)

Assembly costs include fasteners (nails, screws, etc.). Assembly team cover themselves
their bed&board costs.


  1. We build only raw state houses (open or closed) – we do not complete the turn-key option
  2. Advance payment of 40% of the house price (according to foreign price list)
  3. Payment of 100% of the price till the receipt day. The customer collects the house components loco production plant WASCO Company.
  4. Transport and transport costs are covered by the Buyer